Posted: July 8, 2011 in Sports just because

So in case you haven’t noticed, or haven’t chosen to notice, the Women’s World Cup of soccer has been on the past few weeks and I have actually tried to pay attention. Why some might ask? I answer to them, why not?

Sports are sports at the end of the day, and I find myself helpless when I see a team playing in all red and white. Regardless of the sport, they are playing for their country with pride and in return I have almost a duty to cheer for them and care about their outcome.

Now don’t get confused over there, I’m certainly not jumping on any soccer band wagon. I respect the sport very much and appreciate everything about it, but I remain a casual soccer fan and have no allegiance to any team. I merely see women’s sports as something that deserves more help and more support.

Back to soccer, have you seen these girls play?! I’m sorry, but when I see the morning highlights of the WWC and the things some of these women can do, they’re doing very good justice for women’s sports everywhere.

Going into this tournament, shows on ESPN like Around the Horn and PTI were giving daily shout outs to the US Women’s team and talking briefly about the sport, as much as they could. What really has impressed me is the continued coverage on ESPN.com and how The Score does their highlights rather early on in the broadcast, ensuring people get to see them.

This may or may not be a thought out strategy, but good for them for bringing women’s sports to the fore front. It may not be the men’s world cup, but it is still a global event playing the world’s game so it has significant importance in that regard.

Now onto what I have been seeing, the women’s Brazil team I could swear is an MLS team in disguise. They play with such flow and passion it is remarkable. I actually see as much, if not more intricate foot work with the women than I saw in a lot of the men’s highlights. They play with the ball with their feet as if there are magnets that bring it back anytime it gets too far away.

Marta is the women’s Ronaldo, she is by far the most talented individual player and Brazil is looking to her to bring home the title. And why shouldn’t they? She has blazing speed, indescribable foot work and cannons in her legs. Like her male counterparts, she can place herself with the ball anywhere she wants on the pitch and at any second let loose a bullet of a shot.

But she is not the only talent in this tournament, far from it. Her teammates have almost as much talent in their feet as Marta does, and they waste little opportunity to show off just how good they are. Crisp passing and precision plays are what I have noticed works well in this tournament.

In fact, I will argue what is great about women’s sports these days, is that they still focus on the team approach. Have you watched women’s college basketball lately? Probably not, seeing as they focus on the pass, the set up and swinging the ball to make sure the best opportunity to score is found.

Women seem to have a lot of patience in their sports, and come on men we all know is one of their many talents in real life. How else would they put up with us allt his time? They manage to excel at that skill even more so when playing the game.

The men’s world cup was extremely good, lots of great plays, but there was also a lot of individual stardom trying to shine through. There was constant talk about the individuals and not so much the team. This isn’t the NBA where one star can take over just like that and change the outcome of a game. There needs to be a complete team effort put into play here and be executed.

Now, am I going to sit hear and randomly list off names of the player’s so that I can come off as an expert on the game, especially the women’s side? Absolutely not, I would never jeopardize the integrity of PrestononSport’s like that.

What I will say is maybe, especially in international competition, the women’s tournament’s deserve an equal and fair chance to entertain and impress fans of sport.

I still remember the 2010 women’s gold medal game for Team Canada and how great it felt. I was at the gym warming up on the treadmill, and of course I knew the game was being played as I was watching it at home before I left. I looked around and saw only three or four other TV sets turned to the same channel, all mid 30s-40s aged women.

I was offended because this was hockey and a Canadian team was playing for gold medals, how could every single person in the country not want to watch that?! It blew my mind, and I still remember the goose bumps I felt when they won. The second the time when to 0.00 I clapped as loud as I could and cheered a bit too, totally out in public at my gym where everyone could see and hear and I was proud of it.

Of course the other women that were watching cheered too, although much quieter and probably a little surprised that a loud man was leading the cheer for our women. But hey, I was damn proud of those girls and I can’t wait to cheer them on in the next Olympics.

The point here is sports are sports, young, old, boys, girls. If they are competing on an international stage then they are the elite of the elite for their country, which means they are talented.

Women got the vote, they’ve broken through the glass ceiling of employment, isn’t it time that for something other than main stream economics and politics we give them the respect, nay the fandom, they deserve?


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